Climate Transitions helps stakeholders embedded in regional climate transition ecosystems develop and host events that catalyze new and uncommon networks and develop climate transition strategies and roadmaps tailored to specific ecosystem needs.

The Climate Transitions Dialogue is a key example of an event designed to bring together diverse voices, experiences and expertise to address local and regional climate change impacts, needs, and solutions.

Our Process Includes:

  • An invitation development process inclusive of responsible and affected stakeholders from broad and diverse sectors, disciplines, and organizations;
  • A pre-event questionnaire that provides a baseline for engagement, grounds preliminary discussions, and catalyzes interdisciplinary and intersectoral small group interactions;
  • Digital polling techniques and visualization tools to convey feedback in real-time and aid participants in the identification of priorities, challenges, and opportunities;
  • An interactive and highly engaged format consisting of short presentations and panel sessions followed by small group dialogues with deliberate and changing seating assignments;
  • Proven small-group interaction techniques to build community and nourish individual and collective work;
  • Opportunities for networking and self-assembly into affinity groups and collaborative action teams.

Climate Transitions Dialogue Flow:

1. Identify Invitees in multiple sectors, disciplines and human system

2. Send pre-dialogue questionnaire and synthesize results

3. Develop agenda and breakout group structure
4. Seed dialogues with probing questions that nourish conversations
5. Provide ample opportunity for networking and ideation

6. Reflect on outcomes from affinity groups and identify next steps

7. Replicate dialogue process